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Your Hosts: Kevin & Aileen


In 1949, two brothers, Edward and Bertand Hoak, purchased what was to become Hoak's Restaurant.  The restaurant was opened to the public in November 1949. Gus Hoak and Gus Sr., "Pop" Hoak, added their expertise as well as their wit and personality to everyday operation of the young business in 1955.  These four men were psychiatrists, best friends, counselors, advisers, and often "bankers" to many workers who made their place the "last stop" on the long way home.  Edward and Bertand continued their co-ownership for 25 years, until Ed passed away in 1974.   His wife Mary, assumed responsibility until her death in 1977.  Ed's sons, Edward and Michael purchased the business form Bert in September 1977.

The new partnership has since produced many structural changes. After suffering severe damage from several lake storms, a break-wall was constructed, leading to the building of our patio bar and dining area for your summertime pleasure. Located on the shores of Lake Erie, Hoak's is operated year-round.  The restaurant offers a lovely view of the Buffalo skyline and the Canadian shore, which is only surpassed by the beautiful sunsets. 


Almost 70 years after the Hoak brothers opened their doors, the fish fryers are still flying out of the kitchen seven days a week and 363 days a year and people still crowd the patio to catch the gorgeous summer sunsets.  Two of Edward Hoak's children, Kevin Hoak and Aileen Hoak- Lange, have taken over the restaurant they both grew up in.  Kevin and Aileen are dedicated to continuing the tradition of excellent seafood with an unrivaled view of Lake Erie and aim to uphold the standards established by their grandfather.  They welcome you to pull up a seat, have a drink and some food and hope you feel a part of the large extended Hoak family that has existed here at 4100 Lakeshore Road since 1949.


Your Hosts,

Kevin and Aileen


Spectacular Sunsets no matter the season here at Hoaks!

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